Works by Lars Christensen

Title Composed Performance
For Bass Trombone 9/95
For Alto Saxophone 9/95
Canon at the Sixth (for Piano) 10/95
Short Duet for Alto Saxophone and Piano 11/95
Duet for Alto Saxophone and Piano 12/95
Distant Call (for Alto Flute)
-----revised and dedicated to Peter Sheridan

Peter Sheridan, flute
Wind Trio (for bass clarinet, English horn and flute) 5/96
Semblances (for String Ensemble)
II. Slowly
III. Allegro con fuoco
IV. Slowly and spaciously
For Flute and Bassoon
I. Incantatory and without accentation
II. Ebullient
III. Quizzical but lackadaisical
IV. Ebullient
V. Incantatory
Theme and Overlapping variations (for synthesizer) 10/96
For Piano
I. Fast and percussive
II. Slow
III. Fugue
Rondo for Rhonda (for Piano and Alto Saxophone) 12/96 12/96
Rhonda Taylor, alto saxophone
Lars Christensen, piano
Final Project (for synthesizers) 12/96
Three Japanese Haiku (for Solo Tenor)
I. Text by Shushiki
II. Text by Basho
III. Text by Issa
(Gyorgy Ligeti) Cappricio (partial orch.) 3/97
My Majestic Masterpiece (for synthesizer) 3/97
Address to the Gods (for SATB choir)
Text from the Egyptian Book of the Dead
-----Revised and orchestra added

(Gyorgy Ligeti) Arc-En-Ciel (Etude No. 5, orch.) 4/97
Katie’s Song (for Soprano and Harp)
Text by Katie Larson
3/97 4/97
Caroline Liebert, soprano
Kristen Moss, harp
So Many Stars (for Oboe, Bassoon, Viola, and Cello) 5/97 2/98
Erin Guinn, oboe
Bjorn Mercer, bassoon
David Goldblatt, viola
Becky Ostvig, cello
Flöten (for synthesizer and sampler) 5/97
Sketch (for Clarinet, Violin, and Guitar) 10/97
Schwantner (for Chamber Ensemble) 10/97
Kantibi So (for Piano Quintet and Baritone) 11/97 4/98
Janine Patawaran, violin
David Goldblatt, viola
Scott Pool, cello
Elizabeth Zacharias, piano
Lars Christensen, baritone
World Without End (for SATB choir and Celesta) 11/97
Corps Sonore (for String Orchestra) 11/97
Libera Me (for SAT Choir)
Text from the Office for the Dead
Piano Piece (abandoned) 12/97
Et in Terra Pax (for SATB Choir and Celesta) 2/98
Suite for Organ
I. Fanfare
II. Chorale
III. Toccata
IV. Chaconne
V. Passacaglia

added 5/98
Invention in the Style of Bach 5/98
Camelia’s Piano Piece 7/98