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Here are the projects Lazarus Records is involved in at the moment:

Remastered Locria

Russell Wiener is (still) in the middle of remixing and remastering out the salient flaws on Paste's first album, Locria. Unfortunately Keith is not in town, so he can't really help (although some e-mail querries have been posed), but Lars has been active in assistance and suggestions. He will be using the University of Arizona studio, so that means the price of this tape will remain free, as it always has been. Also, we are including an old track everybody forgot about, originally titled "Dark Wood of Error Part II," that mysteriously turned up on the masters. Also featured will be substantial re-recordings of "A Cat, A Dog, and an Old Man" and "Africa." Unfortunately, Russell was unable to finish the project last semester, so there remain several tracks to be re-done before the re-release, but hopefully it should be available by the end of the semester.

New Paste

Well, over the last summer there were some intentions to get together and make an album, which didn't exactly happen. There were several meetings, but nothing cohesive was produced. The most prolific project was Russell Wiener and Eric Stevens, who produced about nine songs which may eventually see the light of day, if they're brave enough. Guests on these songs include Lars Christensen, Keith Turausky, Jonathan Levy, and Josh Ostrander.

Covers tapes

Not strictly Lazarus-related, but Paste is contributing songs to the compilation tapes being put out by the listservs for the Church and REM. Check out our recording of "The Time Being" on the Church tape (soon to be released) and "Let Me In" on the REM tape (available from John Barentine). The latter track also features Eric Stevens. They were enjoyable to record, so if you know of other such tapes being compiled, please let us know and we'll consider doing songs for them as well.

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